Image: The photo shows driftwood on a fine sand beach, the Praia de São Jacinto, Aveiro, Portugal
Aveiro São Jacinto

Weather by Month and Things to Do in São Jacinto, Aveiro

What is it about quiet São Jacinto that attracts returning visitors year-round? One answer is the weather. Aveiro's beach outpost on the Atlantic sits exposed to the elements on a peninsula that shields the Ria de Aveiro lagoon from the open sea. Still, the weather remains primarily mild and sunny, with an occasional stiff breeze or rain shower during the winter. In São Jacinto, you get a front seat to the seasons and their changes. Sometimes, all of them in one day.

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Image of empty São Jacinto Beach near Aveiro, Portugal, with fine white and beige sand and dunes stretching to the misty horizon.
Aveiro Beaches São Jacinto

Beaches in Portugal: Awards for Aveiro

Aveiro beach lovers - and our visitors - can celebrate: Praia de São Jacinto, Aveiro, has done it again! Yes, the European Blue Flag Association just raised its prestigious Blue Flag over São Jacinto Beach for 2024.

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This image, based on a 2024 photo and edited for effect, shows the electrical car ferry Salicórnia approaching the village of São Jacinto, Aveiro, on the Ria de Aveiro estuary.
Aveiro Ferry São Jacinto

First Electric Car Ferry in Portugal Launched in São Jacinto, Aveiro

The first fully electric car ferry in Portugal now connects São Jacinto (Aveiro) and Forte da Barra in Ílhavo. São Jacinto, home to the Blue Flag-awarded "house beach" of Aveiro and the Dunes Nature Reserve, belongs to the city of Aveiro. It sits across the Ria de Aveiro on a sandbar that separates the Atlantic Ocean from the lagoon and its marshlands.

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The image shows the view across the Ria de Aveiro (Aveiro lagoon) from the upper floor of Casa dos Jacintos in São Jacinto, Portugal. In the background: the city of Aveiro. Photo: Casa dos Jacintos
São Jacinto

5 Must-dos in São Jacinto, Aveiro This Spring

What's one advantage of visiting São Jacinto on Central Portugal's Silver Coast between March and June? That it's not peak tourist season yet.

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Image: The photo shows boats moored at the Cais dos Pescadores de São Jacinto, a few steps from the Casa dos Jacintos front door in São Jacinto, Aveiro, Portugal. Photo: Casa dos Jacintos
Aveiro São Jacinto

Travel Tips for São Jacinto & Aveiro

Welcome to São Jacinto, Aveiro! Are you looking for vacation ideas and up-to-date tips where to stay, where to go, and what to do and see in São Jacinto and the Aveiro region on Portugal's Silver Coast? Prepare your visit with help from our resident experts!

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